Post-mounted Type Object Marker     柱掛型障礙物標記


Integrating solar cell, rechargeable battery set and HP LED illumination, The marker highlight the obstructions on the roadway or end of the roadway.

Conspicuous marking ensures that motorists will perceive the hazards clearly and early enough to avoid.



● Full Autonomy          
● Industrial Design   
● Good Visibility
High Weather-resistant
Complete Product-lines
Long Life-span



DESCRIPTION Post-mounted Type Object Marker
SOLAR MODULE Type Single/Multi-Crystalline Solar Cell
Maximum Power Voltage (V/Vmp) 3.5
Maximum Power Current (mA/lmp) 187.5
BATTERY Type Lead-Acid Battery
Nominal Voltage (V) 2
Capacity (Ah) 5
LIGHT OUTPUT Size (mm) Attached Drawing
Light Source 9 LEDs
Mode Flash
Frequency (time/min) 50
Length (ms/time) 720
Operation (hrs/day) 12
Power Consumption (mWS) 54
Working Temperature (℃) -20~60
Storage Temperature (℃) -30~60